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New Book!

LifeSketch: 4 Easy Steps to Collecting the Stories that Matter Most




The family stories that get   
  passed  down
                                   are the the ones that get
                        written  down
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Get Started!

Whether you are looking to gather information or preserve what you have collected, we are here to help! We provide coaching and do hands-on work to help you create a keepsake your family will cherish for generations.  Keepsake binders, video, audio, and even published books are all available through Family Memories Matter!


Do you know someone that has reached a place through illness or age where they know it's time to share their stories?  We can facilitate compassionate, guided  interviews remotely or in person. Ask for details.

"Carla, Your work is AMAZING.  I can't believe we're related to the Hatfields and McCoys and my family never told me! I feel good knowing I have these stories to pass down to my daughter."

- Dena N.

Learn more about our new book and upcoming class

"Carla took my family records (photos, letters, obituaries, newspaper clippings, etc.) and but them in book form....My pile of papers and photos is published and available on Amazon!"

- Larry C.

We're all part of a bigger story. Find yours.

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