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About Us

After a career in publishing, I learned great stories don't have to be published to be worth preserving.  A life-long love of history, genealogy, photography and family all come come together to help you figure out the best way to play your part in preserving your family history.


Where are your baby pictures?

My Story

When my parents passed away, I inherited boxes of belongings- photos, letters, documents.  My daughter pointed at one of the photos and asked "Who's that?" The answer was easy for me.  "That's my Aunt Velma.  I spent every Christmas as a child at her house." Memories of homemade mashed potatoes and oyster stuffing flooded back. You know, Aunt Velma!  At that moment I realized she didn't know -- and the people who could tell her won't be around forever. That's why I started Family Memories Matter.  I want to make it easy for you share your family history with the next generation.

-- Carla

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