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Want to know more about your family story?  Family Memories Matter has access to millions of digitized genealogical records through subscription databases and local genealogical research centers.  Research projects usually focus on one surname at a time and cost $350.  That provides you with 10 hours of dedicated research time and a summary report that consolidates all the information I found.


How far I get back in time and how many documents I am able to collect vary depending on what's available.  I stick with each generation until I think I've exhausted what is currently available. 


If, during the course of my research, I identify other research avenues that I think might be productive in that family line, I will include that in my summary report.  You can come back for more research later, or you are free to pursue those leads yourself.

If you are interested in surname research, please download my intake questionnaire.  Don't worry if you aren't able to answer all the questions.  It's important for me to know what you already know so I can focus my time on finding new information and material.

I will review your information to make sure I have the expertise to help you and then will contact you about my available research openings.

Contact me at if you have other research interests outside of surname research, such as adoption and NPE (not parent expected) searches.

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